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Volume 12 - Arrival Instructions and More!

ume 12 - this edition...

  • Arriving in Wakefield

    • Pit Spots

    • Overflow Camping

  • Donations / Sponsorship Opportunities

Arriving in Wakefield

1. Highway M28 through the City of Wakefield Will Be Closed on July 29-30, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) for a Gus Macker Basketball tournament; Please use one of the alternate routes depicted in the map below when arriving.

2) Pit locations will not be assigned in advance (there are multiple obstacles that would make this extremely difficult)

  • Rod Terzinski or Doug Martin will greet you upon your arrival

  • We will start setting trailers at 2:00 PM on Saturday

  • We will be using a tractor to place your trailer in the park

  • We will work with you the best we can to accommodate your requests.

  • If you must be next someone, we may need to have you place your trailer in a holding area until the other person arrives.

  • We will start setting trailers at 2:00 PM on Saturday

3) Please report to registration as soon as possible after your arrival.

4) Please bring your boat and safety gear to inspection area ASAP. We have over 400 entries so help your inspectors out. You must have a national sticker on your boat before you are allowed to test.

5) No dry firing of engines before 2PM on Sunday. We cannot disrupt the basketball tournament.

Overflow Campsites

1. Overflow Campsites Rod Terzinski or Doug Martin will work with you to assign your spots

  • We will try and accommodate any requests. You may make sure you bring some leveling blocks as there is a slight grade or swale in some areas

  • You are welcome to park a car or boat trailer in front of your campers

  • If you are not parking a car or boat in front of your camper, we would like to leave it open for other people to park there.

  • You will be able to use showers at the campground

  • We are working on optimizing the plan to make a sewer dump and water service available. We have options that we are testing and will communicate the best option upon your arrival. We will likely be placing a spigot on fire hydrant that is centrally located in the camping area. Campers will be able join hoses to fill their campers or pull up to that location to get water. You may want to bring an extra length of hose to join together as perhaps you will not need to move your camper then.

Big Trailer Parking (see diagram below)

•This is intended big trailer parking and for sleep in trailers


It's not too late to help support a great national championship week of racing! Please look up Amy Sweeney when you arrive with any items - baskets, gift cards, racing, camping, household items for our raffles! We can also use your help with a cash donation you can make at the link below - THANK YOU for your support of APBA Racing!

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