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Volume 10 - Pit Spots, Speakeasy Party and Taste of the Regions

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Volume 10 - In this edition...

  • Confirmed Pit Spot List

  • Speakeasy Night at Wakefield

  • Taste of the Regions

Confirmed Pit Spot List - Now Online

Not certain if you booked your pit spot, or wondering if your racing friends remembered to get a spot? See the list online to confirm!

Al Capone's Speakeasy Theme Party

Friday August 4 - 7:30pm

Step back in time to the roaring 20s and join us for a night of clandest

ine revelry at our speakeasy party where you'll be transported to an era of jazz, flap

per dresses, and prohibition-era shenanigans! Imagine yourself in the same spot where infamous gangsters sought refuge during the roaring 20s, and let the spirit of the underground guide you through an evening of hidden drinking, clandestine cocktails, and toe-tapping music. Get ready to dance, drink, and live it up in true Gatsby-style. So dust off your fedoras, slip into your fringe dresses, and join us for a night you won't forget. Shhh... the secret password is....

Taste of the Regions

Tuesday August 1 - 630pm

Join Badger State Outboard Association and the world of boat racing in one of the most diverse and amazing dining experiences at Taste of the Regions! Bring a dish, share a dish, and enjoy the regional delights from all over the country. Treats from the northwest, the southeast, the midwest and more! This is a nationals favorite social event!!

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1 comentario

Capone Speakeasy sounds exciting! Where do I get the password???

Can't wait to see all the dashing gents rockin' their fedoras.

Me gusta
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